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Ultimate 11pc Resistance Bands Set

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This is our premium Resistance bands product. It has everything you need:

Package includes 11 peices including:

  • 5 x Colour Coded Resistance Bands
  • 2 x Foam Hand Grips
  • 2 x Ankle Strap
  • 1 x Door Anchor
  • 1 x Carry bag

Strength of bands:

  • Yellow – 4.5 kgs
  • Red – 6.8 kgs
  • Blue – 9 kgs
  • Green – 11.3 kgs
  • Black – 13.6 kgs

You can also then add multiple bands together to get your desired level of resistance. Our bands use a proprietory system so that bands can be joined together for extra resistance. This is the only resistance bands set you will ever need.




  • Premium 11 Pieces Package
  • Elastic Bands Made Of Latex Tubing Used For Strength Training
  • Strong Cushioned Foam Handles With Zinc Alloy Clips And D-Ring
  • Light Weight, Portable And Space Saving Exercise Equipment
  • Single Dipper Latex Tube – The Natural Latex Is Over 99.998% Free Of Soluble Proteins (Latex Allergens)


Build overall body strength and muscle. The bands can be used to increase resistance of your existing weighted workouts. Or they can be used to supplement body-weighted and non-weighted exercises. Also you can use them to assist you with pull-ups, dips and many other exercises.

Perform any exercise without weights, going to the gym, or doing classes. The resistance bands can be used effectively to replace most, if not all exercises that are commonly performed with weights. The bands also provide an enhanced experience and are great for people travelling or not wanting to invest in heavy weight equipment for the home gym.

The bands are able to be used to perform high intensity functional training, strength training or cardio workouts.

Injury prevention, pre-hab, re-hab and Stretching. Resistance Bands have commonly been used to help people dealing with injury’s and recovering with effective pre-hab, re-hab and stretching. Many experts also recommend resistance bands over weighted strength training. Bands have been shown to be an effective tool to stretch your muscles, increase overall mobility and to strengthen stabiliser muscles.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy with the purchase of resistance bands, you can contact us at any time to arrange a return, replacement or anything else. We also offer a 12 month warranty on all bands.

One tool for a total gym

These resistance bands are really versatile. You can easily create all your favourite gym workout routines. They are also great value as for under $100 you can do all exercises that you would ever want to do at a gym or at home with different equipment.

Fitness, Strength and toning through resistance bands.

With resistance bands training, you will build muscle, increase core strength, tone your entire body, and improve your balance and stability muscles.

On top of that as you grow stronger, you can add more bands to intensify your workouts. Over the course of time and working out with the resistance bands, you will both tone up and build muscle and strength, and increase your body’s metabolic rate, meaning you will burn calories faster and more effectively.

Workout anywhere at any time.

There are no restrictions with resistance bands. You can use your bands at home, in a gym, in the outdoors, office or even bring them when travelling.

Only a small amount of space is needed.

Because the bands are light, portable and easy to use, you only need a small space around you to perform any exercise. It is not like a traditional weight set. Even in the smallest of rooms, you can get an effective workout with our resistance bands.

10 reviews for Ultimate 11pc Resistance Bands Set

  1. Felix

    Have used it several times now to continue to work on strengthening and stretching exercises since PT has ended for my frozen shoulder condition. Seems very well made.

  2. Hugo

    Very happy with my purchase.

  3. Lukas

    These bands work great and easy to switch between them all.

  4. Manon

    I used these especially on the go, anywhere and ANYTIME. They are very durable and will definitely fatigue the muscles 5 STARS.

  5. Marie

    I have been using for a week now, I really like the sturdiness, and different weight options

  6. Leon

    I’ve been taking them on business trips for when I don’t have access to a hotel gym or just don’t want to use their equipment!

  7. Beverly

    These bands are great. I started using bands for workouts lately and they are wonderful.

  8. Julia

    Awesome product. Very well constructed. Seems like it will last a lifetime.

  9. Cora

    The set is of a very high quality, and I’ve enjoyed using mine thus far.

  10. Jonas

    First time I’ve ever tried these resistance bands,,,,, and I gotta say I’m impressed.

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