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    Battle Ropes


    This high quality battle rope is a tool that you need for an effective exercise as it is specifically designed to help burn fat, build muscle, strengthen the upper body, legs, and hips, and improve one’s endurance. In using this, simply loop it around an anchor mounted on a solid surface, and use by tightly…

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    Push Up Board


    Description: Professional push up board: Our professional 9 in 1 Push Up Board offers a serious solution to get rid of that fat and builf the chest muscles you always wanted. Also while targeting your back, triceps, arms, shoulders and more. The amazing color-coded push-up board has a different colours for each muscle group and…

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    Cotton resistant band


    Cotton Resistance bands are the latest type of resistance bands popular with woman but suitable for men also. The main advantage in cotton resistance bands over the latex resistance bands is the soft fabric which feels great on your skin. It is soft yet strong and the bands are wide and have enough support to…

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    POWER Resistance Bands Set


    The Ultimate Power Resistance Bands Set Including all 5 Bands This set of Loop Bands are ideal for Fitness Professionals and Athletes. The band is for more advanced resistance exercises that will improve your strength and flexibility. It is also an ideal band pull assistance, Cross Training, CrossFit Routines. For those more advanced, this band…

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    Ultimate 11pc Resistance Bands Set


    This is our premium Resistance bands product. It has everything you need: Package includes 11 peices including: 5 x Colour Coded Resistance Bands 2 x Foam Hand Grips 2 x Ankle Strap 1 x Door Anchor 1 x Carry bag Strength of bands: Yellow – 4.5 kgs Red – 6.8 kgs Blue – 9 kgs…

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    Woman’s 6pc Resistance Booty Bands Set


    Our Woman’s (booty bands) resistance bands are a versatile and portable tool to increase difficulty of any workout. They can also be used for stretching and yoga. Easily wrapped around feet, ankles or knees, these bands add more intensity to existing workouts and exercises. These are also great to target stability muscles and smaller muscle…